Do you want to be the old you with new habits or a new you altogether? Habits do not change people, but experiences will!

When I’m working on bettering myself and setting goals for the new year, I like to format my list into achievable objectives that can be crossed off like a bucket lists. Bucket lists are amazing because it is something you can easily time and visualize; they work perfect as a pseudo-resolution with just a little bit of tweaking to trick your subconscious into not only forming new habits, but also transforming yourself in the New Year. For example, if one of your resolutions is to be more creative, then you would add take a painting class to your 2020 “bucket list”. This way you have established a new habit (painting) and became a more creative person!

So my challenge to you is to create your own 2020 Vision List (as I like to call it). This technique is a form of manifestation that follows the Law of Attraction through scripting, or writing down what you want to happen so that it manifests itself in reality. This is particularly useful for those who are a little less creative and unable to take on the daunting task of the vision board. And because this is a new special, magical decade, I am going to throw in a little Kaevyn Lei Razzle Dazzle and challenge you to add a “20” element to the items on your list. If we go back to our original example: “Take a painting class”, we could edit it to say “Take a painting class and create 20 paintings”.

I know it might be a little difficult to get started, so here is 20 “20” bucket list things to do for the New Year intended to promote growth, wellness, success, and increased enlightenment.

  1. Listen to 20 new artists
  2. Make a playlist of 20 new songs
  3. Read 20 books
  4. Write 20 letters
  5. Recycle/sell 20 items of clothing
  6. Give 20 blessing bags to those in need
  7. Take 20 photos of yourself that you love
  8. Go 20 days without social media
  9. Spend 20 hours without your phone
  10. Meditate every day for 20 minutes
  11. Exercise 20 minutes (daily/weekly)
  12. Travel to 20 new places
  13. Eat 20 new foods
  14. Try 20 new recipes
  15. Give out 20 business cards
  16. Meet 20 new people
  17. Go on 20 dates (with a significant other or yourself)
  18. Dance for 20 minutes
  19. Breathe 20 seconds (everyday)
  20. Save 20 dollars for 20 weeks

There is so much more you could add to the list, why stop at 20!? Take advantage of the 2020 portal and step into a new world you love. You don’t even have to wait for the New Year to cross come things off your vision list! If you were inspired by this post, please share the inspiration and motivate your friends. I would love to see your vision list! Tag me @kaevylei on any platform or use the hashtag #kaevynsvisionlist so I can see your what you’re manifesting in 2020!