Our entire world is a state of transition. The metamorphosis that we’re going through is unfortunate, and a little scary, but this is a time to undergo your personal transformation. Although social distancing can be just as boring to me as it is for anyone else, isolation has been a spiritual practice for millenia. Monks and yogis would enter self-isolation to achieve enlightenment, to better themselves. And you should use this time to do the same! 

What are the easiest spiritual practices you can start today? Some of the easiest practices to start today are: space cleansing, scripting, and meditation! Keep reading to find out more about these practices!

  1. Waist Beads

Waist beads are becoming insanely popular, I have two strands myself. They are used for lots of reasons, but recently have garnered attention as a weight tracking method. You make the strand as loose or as tight as you want and notice how the fit of the beads change over time. If you’re trying to lose weight like me, the beads will get looser and looser around your waist and hips until they don’t fit anymore. Then, you can start with a whole new set!

Waist beads aren’t just a sexy summer accessory or weigh tracker, they actually have a lot of culture behind them. They are an anciect, African tradition used by women for symbolic and ornamental purposes. Beads were created for newborn babies, young girls going through puberty, newlywed brides, and as a way to show status and wealth. The tradition of beads were sacred so keep that in mind when buying your beads online! I got mine handmade from a black-owned business, the route that I recommend.

  1. Space Cleansing

Everyone physically cleans their house. We throw out the trash, wash our clothes, wipe down countertops, mop our floors and many other things to keep our surroundings neat and tidy. But what people really neglect is their energy. Throughout the day you come into contact with so many people and it’s easy to absorb their energy. Have you ever been around someone having a bad day and it totally killed your vibe? It happens more often than you think

We bring home bad energy with us all the time, without even knowing it! Keep your home free of negativity by doing a cleansing. Native Indian cultures use smoke cleansing with herbs such as sage to purify themselves and their surroundings. Considering that natural white sage is becoming extinct, I’d suggest other cleansing herbs like frankincense, lavender, patchouli, or even florida water cologne! Space cleansing should be just like washing your hair, routinely and extra when you feel dirty.

  1. Meditation

Meditating is nothing new, so I probably don’t need to explain it. However, many people still don’t practice meditation despite its many benefits. Meditating is great for relaxation, for stress-relief, focus, emotional stability and has even been linked to aiding heart health. 

If you’ve meditated in the past and had trouble concentrating, then try guided meditations. You can scroll through a ton of videos on YouTube, but I also have a playlist on Spotify that you can use by clicking the image below! Make sure you follow my Spotify account for all your music playlists and recommendation needs.

  1. Yoga

So I started taking a yoga class a few months ago and it really changed my life. Not only is it relaxing, but it has taught me the power of stillness and focus. I’m really bad about procrastinating and paying attention to one thing at one time. However, yoga has allowed me to become one with myself and listen to what my body is saying. It’s also a really good stretch!

In other cultures, yoga is quite spiritual and the time you use posing can be great to reflect on your day or prepare yourself for what’s ahead. In the mornings I do the sun salutations, which is super easy and if any of the poses are too hard there are numerous revised versions online. Comment down below your favorite pose!

  1. Scripting

Scripting is a type of manifestation technique. It’s great for visualization, focus, and discipline. I’m a writer and anytime I get a chance to express myself it’s the best! Scripting is so easy and so powerful. All you need is your favorite notebook and a pen. Once you’ve done that, figure out a goal you want to accomplish or something you want to manifest. Then, write as if that thing has already happened. Describe it in the present tense and in great detail like it’s already a part of your life. You’ll be amazed at your results. The more often you do this, the faster it will happen for you! It’s all about the Law of Attraction.

  1. Sound Baths

Sound baths are another way to cleanse  or heal your energy and your space. By harnessing the power of soundwaves, sound baths are supposed to provide balance and relaxation. The tradition has been dated back to ancient Greece, but musical therapy has been found all across the world. You’ve most likely heard of tibetian singing bowls or even played music with glass cups as a kid. 

You can start using sound baths for meditation and healing for free just by looking up videos on youtube. There are tons of sound bath videos from various healers that are all meant for different purposes. I think now more than ever, we could all use a little bit of peace. 

  1. Tarot/Oracle Readings

Tarot and Oracle cards are an ancient divination tool. While it may seem magical and scary for some, these cards can be really cool keys to unlocking your future. If you’ve ever wanted to know how a project is going to turn out, or what to expect from a trip, tarot cards can help you decipher the unknown. I’ve personally been reading tarot for the last 10 years and use it to help guide myself through tough decisions. However, learning to read tarot cards can be a bit time consuming, so an alternative is oracle cards.

Oracle cards are formatted like the one in the picture above. They’re a little bit different than regular tarot cards in that they’re much more direct, and easier to understand. You don’t really have to learn how to use them. Every deck is different, but most of them feature daily affirmations and messages. You can pretty much use them in the same way as tarot cards, for guidance by asking questions. One of the decks I use often is the Moonology oracle deck. It’s really great if you’re into astrology, but can absolutely be used with knowing anything about it!

Also check out this free website called Lotus Tarot. I use it sometimes when I’m out on the go and don’t have my own cards with me. Lotus Tarot has several free tarot readings you can get, but the basic 6 card one is bookmarked on my mac and 1000% accurate.

  1. Yoni Steaming

This one is for the ladies. You may have heard of yoni eggs or yoni pearls but yoni steaming is a whole “new” trend of vaginal health. While there has been much controversy over vaginal steaming, many people find it beneficial for vaginal health and very relaxing and cleansing. I’ve personally been considering giving it a try, but have yet been able to do so. Basically, you get healing herbs, steep them in boiling water, and let the vapors rise into your vaginal opening. 

Many gynecologists have said that steaming is not good for you while many more have found it to be beneficial. Either way, it’s worth a bit of research. Always make sure to consult a medical professional if you have any serious issues. 

For those who are looking to try new things and get more in tune with yourself, these practices are perfect to incorporate into your daily routine. Hopefully they would even relieve some anxiety during these uncertain times. If you need more content to help you through these uncertain times, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to get updated when I upload new posts to the blog. You can also follow me everywhere online @kaevynlei! 

Wishing you peace, clean hands, and lots of comfort